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So what is CBD anyway?

To put it simply, CBD is a natural compound that’s derived from hemp. But wait, isn’t hemp like marijuana? No, hemp and marijuana are two different plants that happen to be in the same family. Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive meaning it won’t give that high feeling or alter your cognitive functions. CBD may have an incredible list of health benefits, making it another great supplement to add to your lifestyle. 

Let’s nerd out for a moment and talk about why CBD may be so effective for so many different conditions. CBD actually has the same chemical makeup as the endocannabinoids produced in human biology. These endocannabinoids are managed by our endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a complex biochemical communicative system that’s in charge of vital physiological roles like sleep, appetite, pain, fertility, mood, and many more. 

Researchers hypothesize that endocannabinoid deficiency may be responsible for migraines along with other chronic conditions. When CBD is introduced to our systems, it may help replenish this deficiency and trigger the inhibitory feedback system that’s wired in the endocannabinoid system. When triggered, the body’s inflammatory response to certain conditions is basically cooled off presenting that potential relief.

Can anyone take CBD?

CBD is generally well-tolerated and can be taken by almost all individuals of any age or background. There currently isn’t enough research available on the safety of CBD for pregnant or nursing women. We recommend not taking CBD if you are pregnant or nursing. 

If you are currently on any medication, we recommend speaking to your healthcare professional before trying CBD. Similar to grapefruit, CBD can temporarily deactivate the cytochrome p450 enzymes that are responsible for metabolizing about 60% of traditional medication. It’s always a good idea to talk to your healthcare professional before introducing any new supplements to your system!


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CBD Benefits

CBD has a lot of potential when it comes to medical and therapeutic benefits. A lot more research is still needed to make definitive claims about the exact benefits, but there is a substantial amount of preclinical research, animal studies, and anecdotal data that have put CBD in the spotlight. The compositional nature of CBD is nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich, making it a good pick for supplementing your diet and reaching your upstart goals! 

CBD for Stress

Whether you’re a free thinker or builder, stress is inevitable. But hey, it’s not about how often you experience stress, it’s about how you handle it! Don’t let chronic stress get you off track or impact your health– CBD may provide the natural stress relief any upstarter is looking for. 

CBD may lower high blood pressure and provide anti-anxiety benefits that calm your body’s physical response to stress. By telling your endocannabinoid system to cool off, CBD may help your ability to relax and focus on the task at hand. 


CBD for Anxiety 

It is all about mind-body harmony, one can’t function at its best without the other! Prioritizing mental health can help unlock that upstarter mindset and help you better achieve your goals. Anxiety can affect the best of us, making it important to find natural, effective solutions. Skip the laundry list of side effects and try CBD for anxiety relief!

CBD’s potential anti-anxiety properties make it an excellent candidate for offering immediate relief. CBD is also non-habit forming and non-toxic in large doses, offering a safe alternative to traditional medication. By boosting serotonin and dopamine levels, CBD may help your endocannabinoid system with optimizing your vital chemical mood messengers.


CBD for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a common obstacle that any upstarter can experience. Whether you have a chronic condition or are experiencing the aftermath of your last adventure, don’t let pain stand in the way of your next upstart. CBD may deliver anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits for helping you keep moving. 

Preclinical research shows that CBD may be an effective option for relieving various forms of pain. From joint inflammation to muscle fatigue, CBD may reduce pain sensations by providing anti-inflammatory properties. 

CBD for Heart Health 

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for the most deaths here in the US. When you live that upstarter lifestyle, stress and other conditions can easily affect your heart health. Who doesn’t want to find better ways of lowering their risk of cardiovascular disease? CBD may provide cardiovascular benefits, especially when combined with exercise, a healthy diet, and a nicotine-free lifestyle.  

CBD may improve your body’s fat composition, metabolism, and insulin levels. CBD has shown potential for helping the body with fat browning, helping convert white fat into healthy fat. CBD also may lower your blood pressure while providing anti-inflammatory benefits for reducing your risk of cardiovascular damage. The antioxidant properties may also help reduce the risk of cardiovascular damage. 


CBD for Sleep

Proper sleep can really get your creative juices flowing! Upstarters lacking in the sleep department can have a tough time focusing and achieving all their goals. Traditional sleep aids may help short-term but have a long list of side effects and can make you feel fuzzy throughout the day. CBD may provide a natural way to catch your z’s. 

A lot of people have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety or pain. CBD may address these issues, helping you get through this first hurdle. CBD’s potential for improving melatonin and serotonin production may provide a better quality of sleep, delivering a long-term solution. 


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